[Mageia-sysadm] Main tasks for the next days

Buchan Milne bgmilne at multilinks.com
Wed Nov 17 12:18:25 CET 2010

On Tuesday, 16 November 2010 00:55:15 Michael Scherer wrote:
> Le mardi 16 novembre 2010 à 00:12 +0100, nicolas vigier a écrit :
> > Hello,
> > 
> > As was decided in tonight IRC meeting, the priority tasks for sysadmin in
> > 
> > the next days will be :
> >  * the configuration of pam_ldap, nss_ldap, and everything needed to
> >  
> >    allow commits from LDAP accounts on SVN

I have created some "host" accounts in LDAP, so far for alamut and valstar, to 
test that they have sufficient access for nss_ldap. I might need to open up 
read access to member attributes of groups (at present, all users have search 
access to member attribute, but not read, so you can determine if a user is a 
member of a group, but not see all the members, this is probably sufficient 
for assigning groups on login, but not sufficient for 'groups foo' or 'id foo' 
to work as expected).

However, we probably need to decide on a time and host to test this on, as 
mistakes etc. with authentication configuration can be inconvenient.

> >  
> >  * the configuration of forums with LDAP accounts (to be finished)
> A first step would be to make sure that people in charge of forum read
> this list and are subscribed to it. And another step would be to know
> what they do, since I am spammed every day by the cron job who update of
> urpmi who is bounced to root at zarb alias, as the server is
> misconfigurated ( ie, it send mail to a alias that do not exist ).

Maybe these issues should be discussed with the web team today.

> >  * the configuration of sympa mailing lists server using LDAP for users
> >  
> >    authentication
> We didn't really discussed how and what we will use ldap and sympa for,
> and that we setup without thinking first about the full picture.
> Ie, if sympa use ldap for authentication, does that mean that people
> will be forced to use identity to subscribe ?

I was aiming for all users having *one* account, with one username and 
password, from when they start (e.g. want to post on forum, subscribe to 
mailing list) until they are on the sysadmin team, maintained on identity.

I am not very familiar with sympa, but I was expecting that users would be 
able to log in to the sympa web interface with their LDAP account, and 
subscribe/unsubscribe there. Whether that subscription is maintained in LDAP 
is IMHO not as relevant.

In the case of "teams" that have corresponding groups in LDAP, it may make 
sense to have corresponding automatic mailing lists (as it would reduce some 

identity is used to manage the users identity information, and should be 
authoritative for that, but I don't expect to have to add features for 
administering every applications settings for a user (e.g. signature for 
forum, digest settings for mailing lists etc.). Where there is more identity-
related information that we may want to leverage in more than one application 
(e.g. avatar or photo or mugshot or whatever), we can look at that.

> How would it goes for moderation ?

Nothing to do with LDAP (except possibly authenticating moderator on sympa web 

> How would they do for subscription ?

Authenticate user against LDAP on login to sympa web interface, nothing more.

dmorgan asked me to add some ACLs allowing addition of some data for mailing 
lists, but as far as I could tell, it looked like aliases for mailing list 
administration (e.g. xxx-subscribe at lists. etc.). Now, AFAICT, this is not 
strictly required for sympa operation ... it all depends on the MTA setup. If 
aliases are going to be in LDAP, then IMHO the existing 'MTA Admins' system 
group should be used, and I will give it write access to a tree (e.g. ou=mail 
or so) for aliases not related to users.

But, I need to know what access is required for the non-user-authentication 
features of sympa for which we would like to use LDAP as backend, so I can 
assign sympa user to correct groups and check ACLs.


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