[Mageia-sysadm] Bittorrent setup planning proposal

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Tue Feb 15 13:33:58 CET 2011


so it seems some people ( see blog comments among others ) have asked
for a bittorrent setup. 

Since I think we have more urgent things to do or the Alpha 1, I would
propose that we target next month for that ( ie alpha 2 ), and so that
we have a working prototype of the setup for the 7 march 2011.

So the questions are  :

- is the deadline ok ?

- where do we set this ?
  ( ie, which dc, which server, based on what criteria ). I would say
rabbit, but maybe dedibox is not ok with that. I would also say "not
valstar", for security reason.

- who is volunteer for this ?

being volunteer mean : 
- setting the bt server with puppet ( and so deciding what to use server
side, robust, free software, etc, etc )

- likely make sure the package is ok on mageia later ( or bribe a
packager for doing so )

- make sure that hosters are ok with the traffic that it will generate
   they will all be ok IMHO, but it is better to warn them,
communication cannot do much harm.

- automate this as much as possible ( I would love to have just one
command to type to do a release, but we are not there yet I fear ).

- recruit a team of people to seed and find a way to distribute them
the .torrent, in a open fashion 

- write or help to write a blog post explaining what was done, and
documentation, and work with the communication team about that.

Michael Scherer

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