[Mageia-sysadm] mirrors readme/howto/script

Romain d'Alverny rdalverny at gmail.com
Thu Feb 24 19:17:41 CET 2011

On Thu, Feb 24, 2011 at 16:37, Olivier Thauvin
<nanardon at nanardon.zarb.org> wrote:
> * Romain d'Alverny (rdalverny at gmail.com) wrote:
>> this could help make the mirroring process easier for some... why not
>> provide it and see if/how it is used?
> Why not.
> May I suggest this script must tested on various unix et then must using
> 'standard' tools (eg #!/bin/sh instead bash).

Right, yes. Where would this script fit? (actually, if we're going to
have modules, maybe the script is not as much relevant here as would
basic instructions. Not sure. Or a script online generator :-p

>> You may notice that it would help then that Tier1 and Tier2 mirrors
>> are explicitly shown as such in the default mirrors list on
>> mirror.mageia.org; so we can point people to, for instance,
>> http://mirrors.mageia.org/?tier1 to get only Tier1 mirrors (yes,
>> today, there's only one). Does that make sense?
> Why not. I don't like the way the option is passed, I prefer /tier1 or
> something like that.
> Notice hangling single parameter w/o value in Catalyst can be
> problematic in some case.

Ah. Didn't know that.

I thought of ?tier1 being a filter for the page that lists the mirrors
(and I would change the form method from POST to GET as well). We can
use a ?type=tier1 parameter instead?

> Yes commit to trunk. I'll have a look ASAP.

First one earlier, about the map display. Hope it works as expected.


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