[Mageia-sysadm] New hardware for mageia servers

nicolas vigier boklm at mars-attacks.org
Sat Oct 1 19:24:05 CEST 2011


Here is a summary of all hardware that we should buy for next trip to
Marseille datacenter.

- An ARM build host. We have a pandaboard given by PLF, however it seems
  to require a specific old kernel to run, and would be difficult to use
  as a build host (at least for now). So we need to buy a new ARM board
  if we want to add ARM to the build system soon. RTP suggests buying this
  board from Freescale :
  122,93 euros

- new disk to replace failing disks on ecosse and on valstar, and 2 new
  disks for build nodes (raid1 for system fs, raid0 for build filesystem
  for improved performances), and a disk for the ARM board :
  2TB (valstar) + 1TB * 4 => 169.99 + 4 * 84.99 = 509.95 euros
  WD RE4 drives are more expensive than Caviar Black, but seems to be
  better if we want less disk failures.

- backup server : we need a server with a lot of disk space, to save
  data from other servers. Fast CPU or a lot of ram is not needed on
  this server.
  dams suggested buying this server :
  899 euros
  adding :
    * Redundant power supply (132 euros)
    * 4 * 1TB disks (4 * 332 euros)
  Total: 2 261 euros
  So total is quite expensive. An other solution could be to buy a cheap
  computer that one of us keep at home/office, doing remote backups. Or
  maybe we can find someone to donate a server, so that we only need to
  buy disks for the server. Maybe we can ask for hardware donations for
  this server on mageia-dev and/or blog ?

- server for packagers, to host VMs used to test package builds. This
  needs to be a fast server, with a lot of RAM. Should we buy an
  expensive server for this now ? Or wait until we have more money, or
  someone donate a server for this ? Or rent a server at 60 euros /
  month on online.net ?

Any comments about this ?

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