[Mageia-sysadm] New hardware for mageia servers

Maarten Vanraes alien at rmail.be
Sat Oct 1 21:19:58 CEST 2011

Op zaterdag 01 oktober 2011 20:19:47 schreef Romain d'Alverny:
> On Sat, Oct 1, 2011 at 19:24, nicolas vigier <boklm at mars-attacks.org> wrote:
> >  Total: 2 261 euros
> >  So total is quite expensive.
> Provided the role these hardware will play, this looks still rather
> cheap on the contrary. There may be alternatives but this doesn't look
> that expensive.

that's more or less true.

for a backup if we can to go cheaper, we could by a small cheap nas "qnap?" 
(300EUR) (low power) and put bigger disks 4x1.5TB or 4x2TB in it; we could 
connect it to one of the servers to do the backup. or just someone at home is 
also ok for me.

any money saved for this backup, could be spend on a 3rd buildnode. also, we 
seem to have blades? so maybe it's easier if we have spare room to buy such a 
blade for buildnode and put it in there, maybe it's cheaper that way, or maybe 
we can buy 2 for the price of one that way?

i think for backup even though it's already cheap maybe not a server is 
required for it, just the storage.

and I think the buildnode is quite expensive, but maybe it's needed for our 
growth and when doing releases...

just my 2cents

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