[Mageia-sysadm] rabbit: rpm update

Colin Guthrie mageia at colin.guthr.ie
Fri Aug 10 14:41:46 CEST 2012


Although it will be updated soon with a h/w refresh, Anne needed to look
at building ISOs on rabbit in it's current incarnation.

As some fool suggested and pushed for this whole usrmove thing, the
chroot setup failed miserably due to the rpm check added to the cauldron
filesystem package.

I've therefore updated rpm on rabbit to include a backported version of
the patch added in cauldron. I had to install a few -devel packages to
build it.

The Mandriva subversion checkout for RPM
as of r790348) is in /home/colin/rpms/rpm with the patch added and the
spec altered accordingly. I added an extra ".1" to the subrel so any
security updates issued upstream will still be installed should this happen.

The following pakcages were installed to allow the rpm package to be built:

To satisfy dependencies, the following packages are going to be installed:
   Package                        Version      Release       Arch
(medium "Main")
  lib64beecrypt-devel            4.2.1        4mdv2010.1    x86_64
  lib64beecrypt7                 4.2.1        4mdv2010.1    x86_64
  lib64beecrypt_cxx7             4.2.1        4mdv2010.1    x86_64
  lib64beecrypt_java7            4.2.1        4mdv2010.1    x86_64
  lib64db4.8-devel               4.8.26       1mdv2010.1    x86_64
  lib64dbcxx4.8                  4.8.26       1mdv2010.1    x86_64
  lib64dbtcl4.8                  4.8.26       1mdv2010.1    x86_64
  lib64elfutils-devel            0.146        1mdv2010.1    x86_64
  lib64lua-devel                 5.1.4        8mdv2010.1    x86_64
  lib64neon0.27-devel            0.29.3       3mdv2010.1    x86_64
  lib64popt-devel                1.15         9mdv2010.1    x86_64
  lib64readline-devel            6.1          2mdv2010.1    x86_64
  libgomp-devel                  4.4.3        2mnb2         x86_64
  lua                            5.1.4        8mdv2010.1    x86_64
(medium "Main Updates")
  lib64bzip2-devel               1.0.5        7.1mdv2010.1  x86_64
  lib64icu-devel                 4.4          2.1mdv2010.2  x86_64
  lib64magic-devel               5.04         1.1mdv2010.2  x86_64
  lib64nspr-devel                4.9.1        0.1mdv2010.2  x86_64
  lib64nspr4                     4.9.1        0.1mdv2010.2  x86_64
  lib64nss-devel                 3.13.5       0.1mdv2010.2  x86_64
  lib64nss3                      3.13.5       0.1mdv2010.2  x86_64
  lib64python2.6-devel           2.6.5        2.5mdv2010.2  x86_64
98MB of additional disk space will be used.
Proceed with the installation of the 22 packages? (Y/n)

They could be removed again in theory, but I've left them for now in
case my build doesn't work and I have to build it again.




Colin Guthrie

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