[Mageia-sysadm] [council] A new server to replace rabbit.mageia.org

Thomas Backlund tmb at mageia.org
Wed Jul 4 20:54:25 CEST 2012

Damien Lallement skrev 26.6.2012 18:56:
 > Hi folks,
 > As you know, rabbit.mageia.org was offered to Mageia.Org.
 > This gift is now over and we need to find a way to replace this server
 > ASAP as alpha of Mageia 3 is not so far...

Do we still have rackspace in Marseille datacenter ?

 > FYI, we had:
 > If we keep this, it will cost 60 € Tax Included per month.
 > So, 720 € for a year.
 > During Mageia 1 and Mageia 2 release process, Anne et Thomas encountered
 > big troubles like: very very long time to generate ISO and to use the
 > server for live and DVD at the same time.
 > The bad points of the server we had were:
 > - "small" and old CPU as it was a "green" and old server
 > - big IO trouble as HDD are in SATA only
 > The good points were:
 > - 16 GB of RAM
 > - 2x2TB of HDD
 > - HW raid
 > I checked Lenovo, HP and Dell to have a server to replace this box.
 > Dell is cheaper than the two others!
 > I made a configuration with a Dell PowerEdge R210-II:
 > - CPU: 1 x Intel Xeon E3-1240: 4C/8T, 3,30 GHz, 8M Cache

Compressing livecds on rabbit had no problem of maxing out all
4C/8T available ...
(but as theese are almost double the speed of current
  rabbit ones I guess it can be ok)

 > - RAM: 16GB

An other way to speed up builds is to add more ram, and build in tmpfs

 > - HDD controller: Dell H200 (hardware raid)

but no cache, and apparently  not capable of doing raid split on same disks.

 > - HDD: 2 x 600GB, SAS 6Gbps, 3"5 15k (in RAID 0) Careful: can't add more
 > HDD! If we choose, the backpane for 4HDD, HDD will be 10k instead of
 > 15k... Add adding SSD on our side will break Dell warranty...

Well, it cant be Raid0 only. because one disk will break during rc/final 
and we loose all build work and iso images.
(and since we dont have any local sysadmin ready to go fix things
  fast, that will be really bad...)

So we need either a raid controller capable of doing split, or run
with 4 disks, so we maintain bootable system and readybuilt isos
even when one disk dies.

 > - iDRAC6 Express (impi)
 > Cost: ~1900 €*
 > * last time, for sucuk, Dell sent me a 15% of rabate. So I think, I will
 > have 15% once again... So it will make a server for ~1600 €
 > The only issue I can see is the HDD.
 > For now, on rabbit:
 > [root at rabbit ~]# du -shc /home/*
 > 189G    /home/bcd

This one currently stores frozen repo, a lot of testbuilds and older
Full iso tree for QA is ~20G

Then around ~10G is needed during dvd builds

A frozen repo is ~100G

 > 63M    /home/blino
 > 110M    /home/boklm
 > 32K    /home/colin
 > 36K    /home/dams
 > 44K    /home/dmorgan
 > 367G    /home/draklive

This one currently stores a lot of testbuilds.

A full Mga2 16 iso build including chroots is 60G

 > 3.7G    /home/ennael
 > 16K    /home/lost+found
 > 24K    /home/mageia
 > 76K    /home/mirror
 > 101G    /home/misc
 > 36K    /home/nanardon
 > 19G    /home/pterjan
 > 19G    /home/tmb
 > 698G    total
 > [root at rabbit ~]# df
 > Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
 > /dev/sda1             9.7G  4.2G  5.1G  46% /
 > /dev/mapper/rabbit-distrib
 >                         496G  368G  103G  79% /distrib

If the server ends up in Marseille DC, this one can be
dropped as the primary mirror is at same DC so we get
fast resync, so we need only frozen repo.

 > /dev/mapper/rabbit-home
 >                         886G  698G  144G  83% /home
 > /dev/mapper/rabbit-libvirtd
 >                          33G  315M   33G   1% /var/lib/libvirt/images
 > [root at rabbit ~]#
 > So, the question is: "can you make live/DVD with 'only' 1,2 TB?"
 > WDYT about this proposal?



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