[Mageia-sysadm] [council] Re: A new server to replace rabbit.mageia.org

Thomas Backlund tmb at mageia.org
Mon Jul 9 20:59:45 CEST 2012

05.07.2012 18:34, Damien Lallement skrev:> Here comes a new
configuration with all remarks taken in account:
> FYI, we had:
> http://www.online.net/serveur-dedie/offre-dedibox-professionnel-dell.xhtml
> The bad points of the server we had were:
> - "small" and old CPU as it was a "green" and old server
> - big IO trouble as HDD are in SATA only
> The good points were:
> - 16 GB of RAM
> - 2x2TB of HDD
> - HW raid
> I made a NEW configuration with a Dell PowerEdge R320 and all your
> - CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2407 2.20GHz, 10M, 6.4GT/s, No Turbo, 4C, 80W
> Here is a link to compare the actual CPU of rabbit and the new one:
> http://ark.intel.com/compare/43233,52275,64614

So we gained 340 MHz / core if we ignore Turbo mode, but we also
lost hyperthreading... so compressing livecds will most likely
be any faster.

> - RAM: 32GB DDR3 1333MHz (16GB on the previous proposal)


> - HDD controller: PERC H710 RAID Controller, 512MB NV Cache, (HW RAID)

Nice controller.

> - HDD: 2 x 1TB Near-Line SAS 6Gbps, 3"5 7.2k (in RAID 1)

Back to sata speed disks

> - iDRAC7 Express (not on the previous proposal)


> - Dual Hot Plug Power Supplies 350W (not on the previous proposal)


> Cost: ~2800 € without taxes*
> * I asked a reduction to Dell. Stay tuned!
> So, WDYT about this NEW proposal?

I'd rather take the old one then, add 2x300GB in raid1 and 2x300 in
raid0, and add 32GB ram to that one...

Or as a different proposal...

What if we make ecosse our new rabbit ?

It has dual Xeon 5000 series Quad core running at 2.66 / core
(so 8 real cores available)

It currently has 8GB of RAM

We would need to buy:
- a new disk controller (as the current integrated ESB2 one sucks)
- 2 >= 300GB SATA disks for system, frozen repo and readybuilt isos
- 1 ~250GB SATA SSD for iso builds
- maybe some more RAM

The cash saved could be used instead for the replacement >= jonund-class

Would that work ?


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