[Mageia-webteam] Need help for mageia-app-db's licence

Samuel Verschelde stormi at laposte.net
Fri Dec 31 19:12:47 CET 2010


In the process of releasing mageia-app-db 0.1, we have to fix licensing issues. 
Could someone help us on that ?

I never released free software before, so I'd like to know what to do once the 
licence has been chosen :
- create a simple LICENSE file at the root of the project ? 
- add a notice in every source file ? (there are lots of them, many 
automatically generated by the framework mechanisms)
- other ?

Among the possible licences, there's Gnu Affero GPLv3, which forces anyone 
running the software (or one of its derivatives) on a server to make the 
source code available to users. However, I don't know if this license is 
compatible with our XML-RPC querying sophie.zarb.org when needed (does the Gnu 
Affero GPLv3 imply that we must also give sophie's source code to users (sophie 
being a separate project from Olivier Thauvin), and does it imply that sophie 
should be under the Gnu Affero GPLv3 licence ? I think not but I'd like to be 


Samuel Verschelde


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