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Benoit Audouard baud123 at gmail.com
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2011/2/11 Romain d'Alverny <rdalverny at gmail.com>

> just to lay down a few cross-apps/server issues, related to alpha 1
> release reception by the public.

maybe definition of alpha1 may be precised, I suggest : testing the whole
infrastructure (building, distribution, mirrors, publication of
release_notes / errata / faq / how to become involved identifying what
people want to do and can do... giving them proper tools and identifying
what could be done).

>  * other I may have missed?

yep, a real wiki :-) the current one (temporary) not enabling teams to work
together at full speed :/ I think to artwork - web team -and even
translators (and users).

some time ago I wanted to propose
and I think that http://mageia.org/wiki/doku.php?id=wiki_requirements is
complementary, both could merge ;-)
There's http://www.mageia.org/wiki/doku.php?id=web:wiki too

To be fair, I'm a bit biased towards a wiki that promotes self organization
as we can see at http://mageia.org/wiki : I would prefer to have people
document, enhance content and explain than discuss endlessly on ML (once a
consensus is reached a wiki can document it, with references if needed).

At the moment, we've reached critical mass(*) to begin the release process
and alpha needs publishing errata and release notes imho (with common
pitfalls, faq, known-workaround...). As an example, have a look at
http://wiki.mandriva.com/en/2010.1_Development and
http://wiki.mandriva.com/en/2010.1_Alpha_1 then wonder "where do we publish
it currently?" in a ML ? (please ask if I'm not suficiently precise, yeah I
know that ).
(*) developers can document, marketing could structure it all, artwork team
can work on css, translators may be involved too, collaborative work can
begin with a focus and anyone wanting to get involved, delegation may begin
with simply editing a wiki (easy for anyone imho), this would mean
team-building by effective exchanges available to everyone :)

For effective availability, I would see :
- a basic instance available for testing [http://dev.wiki.mageia.org]
- packaging mediawiki (done) and identified plugin (being done) for sysadm
satisfaction, let's make available what we use and build teams around it :-)
(dev, packaging, testing, using with comm and artwork involved)
- involve people in participation around a tool that permits to publish
(with discussion either on wiki or ML), local involvement with translations
or initiatives (let's get people not speaking english to involve :p).
- for production http://wiki.mageia.org in any language, let's choose to go
forward and just deploy it then see how people can use it :-) (requiring
other plugins to be packaged or working through -discuss ML or with
discussion page once created in their own language, that's the purpose of
alpha1 imho to test the infrastructure and create team-building)

IMHO, a  forum will come when needed, but I think that a wiki can enhance
our answers, explaining in 3 lines in a post (on ML currently, on forum
later on) what people can find on the wiki far more detailed :-)

At the moment, we have
http://mageia.org/wiki/doku.php?id=policies-reviewwhich lists long
term documentation that should be translated for anyone to
get involved. I'm a bit disappointed that it does not happen on a stabilized
plateform with clear license policy and long term enhancements :/

well, I should bring this subject to -discuss but I wanted to have your
feedback before it begins for real :-) so WDYT ? maybe a blog post can
explain how we are going to deploy alpha1 for this sunday ? who is concerned
with iso testing ? who is concerned with wiki testing ? (can we make it with
catdap and missing plugins ?) who can be involved and what tasks should be
done at the moment (packagers, developers, testers, marketing,
communication, mirrors, council, board, translators, triage, sysadm,
artwork, moderators, users and anyone that want to follow what is being

I think that an official wiki would get all people to involve, in a long
term participation, WDYT ?
Ben' aka baud123
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