[Mageia-webteam] italian localisation of the wiki

Claire Revillet grenoya at zarb.org
Thu Jul 19 19:58:39 CEST 2012


Le 19/07/2012 19:37, Matteo a écrit :
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> On 19/07/2012 18:34, Marcello wrote:
>> hi all,
>> i've seen there is available the german version of the wiki. could
>> you add also the italian version? i'll take care about it with
>> Matteo Pasotti (and hopefully with other people)
>> cheers, Marcello
> I have no much time to start working on a localized wiki (I'm already
> overloaded by packaging and by translating blog posts) so don't
> consider me right now, please.
> I think that before asking for the activation of an italian wiki we
> should have enough resources (human) to properly handle already
> existing stuff, but this is my humble opinion.
> Clarified this I would ask if it is already available a policy that we
> should follow for its population and if someone can point me some
> references.
I think the first step would be to come on the doc-discuss ML and 
discuss about it.
Wiki translation is to be done in close relation with doc team and other 
"wiki workers" will be able to advice you :)
And due to technical bloking actions, no translated wiki can be 
officially open yet (but you could begin the translation)
And for the policy : doc-discuss at ml.mageia.org


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