[Mageia-artwork] Mageia-artwork Digest, Vol 3, Issue 4

Guala gualadrake at gmail.com
Sun Jan 16 16:14:18 CET 2011

OK, apparently knew most things and now I will ask some details that I have
become clear:

What date for the launch of the first Alpha mageia? I understand it this
month or very soon?

Since suggest begin with the icons at desktop-common-data, I have another
big question: xD
Someone has already done something and that thing with these icons? I ask
this not to work with the same icons for desktop-common-data to another and

As the first icons adapted for mageia alpha in the end will not be used in
the final version, I understand when you say that it is not worth investing
time (too much or too much) in them, then the logical question is:

Why not set a guideline then work momentarily to mageia-artwork in regard to
the colors? a proposal that I saw in the mailing list, I have to apply some
filter monochrome (grayscale) using Tango icons and / or Crystal, coordinate
with the beautiful background http://bit.ly/erigOn? ... for now and until I
indicate otherwise, I'll work on it, but insist that would better coordinate
these details. ;)

Now insist on a requirement that I did but has not been answered:;)

Need, want and hope the direction SVG source of the work presented in any
event mageia (IRC web site, etc.), there are several reasons, but I guess we
all know the most general, Freedom, Transparency and community work. ;)

For my part I find it unacceptable to have to give me the job of designing
my own logo mageia SVG if it already exists, if I am a designer is always
clear that what I want is the source file, SVGs, XFCs, etc., and not only
PNG, Mageia or is free or not?


AH! Remember that my English is the same as google translator. xD
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