[Mageia-artwork] Mageia-artwork Digest, Vol 3, Issue 4

Olivier FAURAX olivier at faurax.fr
Mon Jan 17 00:08:57 CET 2011

Le 16/01/2011 16:14, Guala a écrit :
> OK, apparently knew most things and now I will ask some details that I
> have become clear: 
> What date for the launch of the first Alpha mageia? I understand it this
> month or very soon?

The packages start to build : http://pkgsubmit.mageia.org/
THe last estimation is a first alpha for the end of the month.

> Since suggest begin with the icons at desktop-common-data, I have
> another big question: xD 
> Someone has already done something and that thing with these icons? I
> ask this not to work with the same icons for desktop-common-data to
> another and adapted. 

You're the first to work on it.

> As the first icons adapted for mageia alpha in the end will not be used
> in the final version, I understand when you say that it is not worth
> investing time (too much or too much) in them, then the logical question
> is: 
> Why not set a guideline then work momentarily to mageia-artwork in
> regard to the colors?

Because it will take time to reach an agreement on the guidelines, and
that we will replace and redesign it anyway.

> a proposal that I saw in the mailing list, I have
> to apply some filter monochrome (grayscale) using Tango icons and / or
> Crystal, coordinate with the beautiful background http://bit.ly/erigOn?
> ... for now and until I indicate otherwise, I'll work on it, but insist
> that would better coordinate these details. ;)

I don't know about the monochrome thing.
It the Tango/Crystal icon is Ok, take it and move on.

> Need, want and hope the direction SVG source of the work presented in
> any event mageia (IRC web site, etc.), there are several reasons, but I
> guess we all know the most general, Freedom, Transparency and community
> work. ;) 
> For my part I find it unacceptable to have to give me the job of
> designing my own logo mageia SVG if it already exists, if I am a
> designer is always clear that what I want is the source file, SVGs,
> XFCs, etc., and not only PNG, Mageia or is free or not?

The logo is in refinement stage, and then will be published in SVG, I
think. But we don't need it now.

The purpose now is to replace icons. The fact that we use SVG or other
format is dictated by the need to replace with the same format of the
original file, to ensure compatibility (a program design to use a PNG
might not be able to open a SVG).

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