[Mageia-artwork] Mageia-artwork Digest, Vol 3, Issue 5

Guala gualadrake at gmail.com
Mon Jan 17 18:50:43 CET 2011

Como no hay nada mejor que aclarar los malos entendidos:

* English~Google Translator:*
As there is nothing better than to clarify any misunderstandings:

Bueno, tú respuesta no me ha gustado para nada, como es posible que me digas
que no lo necesito ahora, a mi no me gusta trabajar donde no se practica lo
que se predica, o se es LIBRE o te mueves en las tinieblas y eso no es lo
mío, yo no te ofrezco mi tiempo bajo ninguna condición y lo mínimo que
espero de vuelta es más de los mismo, libertad y confianza.

* English~Google Translator:*
Well, your answer I did not like at all, as you may tell me you do not need
it now, I do not like working where they do not practice what it preaches,
or is FREE and you move into the darkness and that is not mine, I offer you
my time under any conditions and the least I expect back is more of the
same, freedom and confidence.

*Continuing** the theme of icons: *;)
Here I leave some screenshots of Color Tango icons converted into light and
dark gray respectively, obviously, I could convert the rest of the icons,
but that depends if they decide to use in the alpha version, otherwise, do
not dream it I will. xDDD


What would happen if I respond the same with respect to the icons?, ie, I
have them ready but I will deliver them when I decide, is or not a bad
answer?. xDDDD Please, we are consistent with the principles of mageia!... as
long as I have understood correctly Mageia values.

....and I got bored with the Spanish/English  xD

SeeU Oliver!

Freedom does not recognize schedules or opinions, only to those
free-spirited, tolerant and responsible.
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