[Mageia-dev] So?

Wolfgang Bornath molch.b at googlemail.com
Tue Sep 28 23:10:54 CEST 2010

2010/9/28 Lucien-Henry Horvath <tempo2 at marneau.eu>:
> Gustavo >
> I don't realy understand your so impulsive reaction.

I do and I agree to Gustavo's points in total

> Q> What is the direction ?
> Your response > Adopt my point of view, shut-up and wait.

The direction has been published in the initial announcement. More of
that will be available once the statutes are set.

> - We have in prevision to make a meeting in 1-2 weeks (or 1-2 monthes). Or
> even : They have no prevision at this time ... because in our bases little
> team no decision is realy take in this sens at this time.

Again this was said in the beginning. There will be a meeting at the
Fosdem in February.

>> They do it.
> You seems speaking with a lot of authority. Are you an ex-employes ? So, why
> did not you said  "we are doing it" and no "they" ?

Because he is not part of those who do it, neither am I. But we did
read the official announcements and Blogs (there very few so it is
reasonable for all to read them before writing such mails as you did).

> I am absolutly able to understand that it is difficult to build
> infrastructure and foundation. I just remind to all (perhaps in particular
> the captains defacto) that without vision, the boat can not go far. People
> need vision, perhaps not immediately but not too late.

I repeat: the vision which is the basis of Mageia was published in the
very first announcement more than one week ago.

It is correct that the initial list in the annoucement showed the
"leading people" but they are not all members of the group who is
currently working on the basis of this organisation. I am also on this
list but I am a mere supporter.

All I want to say: please do read. please have patience. please think
about how you would like to help the project once it is on its way.
Enter your name in those wiki pages where you think you can
contribute. Then read again and participate in discussions where
useful ideas and comments are needed from all.


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