[Mageia-dev] What do you think about create a Mageia Welcome Center?

Thomas Canniot thomas.canniot at mrtomlinux.org
Sun Oct 10 17:35:39 CEST 2010

  Le 10/10/2010 02:25, André Machado a écrit :
>> I don't think a GUID would be very useful.  When I installed Mandriva, I
>> installed it on one machine, setup the configurations the way I wanted
>> them, and then cloned the hd for 4 other systems.  The GUID would be
>> identical on all four systems.
> Though I am against this idea, there is more unique-ID elements in a computer,
> such like:
> * Network Interface Card MAC address;
> * Hard disk serial number (not the formatting one);
> * BIOS serial number, BIOS date...
> A GUID could be formed by HDD serial number + Mac Address + installed RAM Memory
> + a code to identify processor type, all this treated by a code generated on the
> date and time of installation. But I think that this is a negative point and
> people will compare us with a certain enterprise. ;)

Have you ever heard of Smolt ?



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