[Mageia-dev] Mageia repository sections, licenses, restrictions, firmware etc

Lucien-Henry Horvath tempo2 at marneau.eu
Tue Oct 12 18:54:32 CEST 2010

  Le 12/10/2010 18:42, Marc Paré a écrit :
> Unfortunately, if this is done, I will no longer be able to install 
> legally any Mageia due to our laws. I think it is best if these are 
> not installed but let users know where to get them, mostly through PLF.
> When I install Mandriva Free for people, I will let them know where 
> the PLF repos are and the files needed and they install these themselves.
> If Mageia packages include unlicensed software and codecs, the Mageia 
> brand may be held legally responsible for marketing software in 
> countries where the laws do not permit this. I don't really think 
> would be a wise decision.
> Marc
> Canada
The problem with a modification of packages with PLF post an initial 
install is that we are not absolutely sure to clean/drop/definitively 
destroy the "patent compliant packages" ... the dependencies between rpm 
are in cause.

I have not done the count, but often it is not possible for me to 
uninstall certain packages because after installation they come in the 
dependencies of others. But the unique reason of presence is not because 
they are usefull, but only this binding dependencies.

I think now to a sort of option to choice just at the beginning of first 
install. A question like : "Do you need patent free packages or want you 
cool packages" ?
- If response 1 : Mageia install only the legal compliances packages,
- if 2 ... the legal packages are not installed and we have the easy to 
use package for easy to use OS (VLC with DVD for example, nvidia drivers).
With that, all the world is satisfied ;-)

Is it possible ?

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