[Mageia-dev] sync with mandriva

Bruno Cornec Bruno.Cornec at hp.com
Mon Nov 8 12:12:59 CET 2010

P. Christeas said on Sun, Nov 07, 2010 at 08:18:30AM +0200:

> ..  you would have 2 branches at the same git repo, for Mandriva, Mageia. And 
> one, third, for the official upstream sources, actually.  You would be able to 
> hack one branch and let squid build, install etc. Then, you would /merge/ from 
> one distro branch to the other, or cherry-pick, or rebase, or anything 
> suitable for your changes. No need to have identical code in both of branches, 
> at all.
> And then simply push to Mageia, Mandriva, Fedora, SuSe, Debian, the upstream 
> squid etc, the N-th mirror of Mageia and so on...
> Moreover, if somebody else had hacked squid for Mandriva, you would be able to 
> fetch his/her changes, merge the ones you wanted into Mageia, and repeat the 
> "push" step.
> You see, having multiple masters, multiple committers is what git is unique 
> at. It is where svn sucks, by contrast.

That's a bit why a developed project-builder.org in fact, to separate
that dev and ease it. Maybe a possibility to look for the
mageia/mandriva tracks (Cf: http://project-builder.org)

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