[Mageia-dev] help packaging lilypond

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Wed Aug 10 18:20:41 CEST 2011

Le mercredi 10 août 2011 à 01:30 -0400, andre999 a écrit :
> Thomas Spuhler a écrit :
> > Thanks for fixing the spec file and submit the package.
> > I have a comment and a few questions. First the comment.
> > an experienced packager telling someone like me (and others not so experienced
> > packagers)  why the package build failed that built just a few month ago would
> > have helped learning how to fix things. Now the package is built and I still
> > don't know what the error message meant.
> >
> > why can the scrollkeepr script be removed as not required when it was required
> > not so long ago and other distributions use it too. It supposed to be there if
> > you have omf files, and yes lilypond-doc has such files
> >
> > Can you please explain this in more details? I would appreciate it.
> The short answer is filetriggers, which are automatically invoked by the build 
> system when the need is detected.
> You can find them at /var/lib/rpm/filetriggers/.
> There is a script for the scrollkeeper function.  It was actually replaced by 
> rarian some years ago, but the old name was kept.  And now filetriggers 
> automatically invoke the appropriate script when the need for this function is 
> detected.
> Mageia has aggressively cleaned spec files of packages, to remove references to 
> scripts no longer required.  This makes the spec files a lot easier to 
> maintain.  Mandriva (from which we forked) contained a lot of unnecessary 
> script references.  This is probably true of many distros.  As well, note that 
> each distro has their own set of filetriggers.

In fact, only mandriva and mageia has the filetrigger patch to rpm,
iirc, even if dmorgan is pushing this upstream. 

and having this done upstream would help to have a common set of

Michael Scherer

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