[Mageia-dev] Proposals to improve the triage

Manuel Hiebel manuel+ml at hiebel.eu
Tue Aug 23 22:35:53 CEST 2011


I wrote this mail to discuss what we can do, to make triage more
efficient. Indeed there is a big part of the bugs that are assigned to

The majority of the rpms has not maintenairs.
For example, to who can we assign installer bug? there is not
maintainers for drakx-installer-*
(on bugsquad Thierry told me that he read the bug on the saved search
https://bugs.mageia.org/userprefs.cgi?tab=saved-searches and that he is
alone in the team, but so for the component "Installer" in assigned to
The same for Gnome bugs, like nautilus, or other DE (xfce, lxde) and
Should we add in CC the packager ? 

Some bug can be easily fixed. Like 'Mandriva Linux' in strings of some
text file, or other. For them, Dmorgan created the tag Junior_Job.
(https://bugs.mageia.org/describekeywords.cgi) seems similar to easyfix
by Redhat.I have add a saved the search "Junior_Job", for now there is
only two bugs, but we can sure other.
For other we need add missing rpm. dkms-syntek as example for no UVC

What can we do for reduce the number of Bugs ?

Agressivily assign bugs to latest package uploader?
I am not sure that all packager (for example: ennael 300rpms or dmorgan
1000rpms uploaded) can/will work on their rpms's bugs.

Have a list of people who can help in solving some bugs ? Gnome2,
KDE4, XFCE, Drakxtools, Kernel, Web application, Audio, Video card,
Firmware, etc.

Maybe we can also create an alias for a group of package ? like
gnome3-maint AT groups.mageia.org, kde-maint, drakx-maint, etc.

We can finally post a mail 10 "bugs" a day. 5 bugs with the choice of
the id and the priority or a mix with bugs easily solvable and 5 package
(or in a smaller proportion and frequency).

Manuel Hiebel (leuhmanu)

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