[Mageia-dev] Proposals to improve the triage

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Tue Aug 23 22:58:16 CEST 2011

Le mardi 23 août 2011 à 22:35 +0200, Manuel Hiebel a écrit :
> Hi,
> I wrote this mail to discuss what we can do, to make triage more
> efficient. Indeed there is a big part of the bugs that are assigned to
> bugsquad.
> The majority of the rpms has not maintenairs.
> For example, to who can we assign installer bug? there is not
> maintainers for drakx-installer-*

Then we can assign the package to thierry.

> (on bugsquad Thierry told me that he read the bug on the saved search
> https://bugs.mageia.org/userprefs.cgi?tab=saved-searches and that he is
> alone in the team, but so for the component "Installer" in assigned to
> bugsquad)
> The same for Gnome bugs, like nautilus, or other DE (xfce, lxde) and
> package
> Should we add in CC the packager ? 
> Some bug can be easily fixed. Like 'Mandriva Linux' in strings of some
> text file, or other. For them, Dmorgan created the tag Junior_Job.
> (https://bugs.mageia.org/describekeywords.cgi) seems similar to easyfix
> by Redhat.I have add a saved the search "Junior_Job", for now there is
> only two bugs, but we can sure other.
> For other we need add missing rpm. dkms-syntek as example for no UVC
> Webcam.
> What can we do for reduce the number of Bugs ?

Try to delete some of them randomly ?

> Agressivily assign bugs to latest package uploader?
> I am not sure that all packager (for example: ennael 300rpms or dmorgan
> 1000rpms uploaded) can/will work on their rpms's bugs.
> Have a list of people who can help in solving some bugs ? Gnome2,
> Gnome3,
> KDE4, XFCE, Drakxtools, Kernel, Web application, Audio, Video card,
> Firmware, etc.
> Maybe we can also create an alias for a group of package ? like
> gnome3-maint AT groups.mageia.org, kde-maint, drakx-maint, etc.

The problem is not really assigning that having people to fix them.
And if we do not have the information of who maintain a rpm, having a
alias will not make the information appear by magic :/ 

Michael Scherer

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