[Mageia-dev] [PROPOSAL] (task-)mageia-packager - what should be inside?

Florian Hubold doktor5000 at arcor.de
Sat Aug 27 22:11:16 CEST 2011

Am 27.08.2011 18:08, schrieb Michael Scherer:
> Le samedi 27 août 2011 à 17:58 +0200, Florian Hubold a écrit :
>> Hello,
>> as was already proposed some time ago, but not implemented yet,
>> i'm proposing a mageia-packager package, maybe as a task-package.
>> IMHO It should at least require the following:
>> rpm-build
>> rpmlint
>> rpmlint-mageia-policy
>> bm                              implicitly required by magpie
>> mgarepo                     implicitly required by magpie
>> magpie
> why ?
Sorry, mixed that one up.
>> openssh-askpass        for basic ssh setup
>> keychain                      for basic ssh setup
> They should no longer be needed ( even if no one confirmed that on the
> bug report about it ).
> And keychain is ( or was ) annoying, as it ask the key each time you
> log :/ ( didn't tested since a long time however )
Ok, so those two not. I've listed them because they're required for basic ssh 
as noted in the wiki, so i haven't tested if they're really needed.

But overall you support the idea of such a metapackage? Yes, no, maybe?

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