[Mageia-dev] Rpmlint configuration, false positives

andre999 andre999.mga at laposte.net
Sun Aug 28 10:31:00 CEST 2011

Michael Scherer a écrit :
> Le samedi 27 août 2011 à 22:06 +0200, Florian Hubold a écrit :
>> Am 04.03.2011 22:30, schrieb Michael Scherer:
>>> But we can filter and configure it to be a little more perfect.
>>> In a rather autocratic fashion, as the maintainer of rpmlint ( both packages
>>> and uptream ), as a packager representative, and as a apprentice dictator
>>> ( since there is lots of open position in this sector since a few weeks ),
>>> I propose that this become the canonical source for rpmlint configuration.
>>> In practice, that mean that false positives will have to be added there,
>>> that stuff that are noted as errors need to be set in that package, and
>>> any policy changes must be made there.

Good idea


>> I think the following are bogus, but i may be totally wrong:
>> *strange-permission *       for SOURCES and SPEC it complains if not 0644, why
>> is that?
> The question is rather, "why should another permission be used ?". If
> not, we can end with 700 or anything weird.

Like the 600 permissions that actually _did_ occur with Python-docs not too 
long ago.  We need that warning.


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