[Mageia-dev] x11-server 1.11.0

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Tue Aug 30 16:51:27 CEST 2011

Le mardi 30 août 2011 à 16:14 +0200, Thierry Vignaud a écrit :
> On 30 August 2011 14:58, Michael Scherer <misc at zarb.org> wrote:
> >> Just for reference, I've update to x11-server locally. I've thus
> >> migrated the patches and such, so no need for it to be done again, just
> >> ping me!
> >>
> >> As for submitting it, I've only tested the intel, synaptics and evdev
> >> drivers (working fine as I type).
> >>
> >> I'm happy to submit things, but this will require rebuilds of quite a
> >> lot of packages and will likely cause some issues with proprietary
> >> drivers too.
> >
> > Death to nvidia blob,
> >
> > ( ie, submit now )
> err I've refrained to update to 1.11.0 b/c of that, waitint to know
> if nvidia/amd will be supporting the new ABI.

They will. The question is not "if", but "when". 

And not pushing a new version is not gonna make this appear sooner.

Also, not pushing the new version is likely decrease the quality of the
xorg server, since there will be less tests done, ( or rather tests done
later ). 

This is also sending the wrong signal ( ie, "take cards supported by
proprietary blob and by vendors that are not providing sources, because
we care more about them rather than those who fully cooperate" ).

Michael Scherer

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