[Mageia-dev] Changing default media names

Maarten Vanraes alien at rmail.be
Sun Nov 20 21:59:19 CET 2011

Op zondag 20 november 2011 21:18:01 schreef Samuel Verschelde:
> Some ideas :
> - change the naming scheme but translate it into human readable names in UI
> - Implement item 40 for mageia 2 specs : "really use media tags in the
> package managers, CLI and GUI: testing, backport, update, etc. Currently,
> apart from a hack for media which name contain “backport”, the nature of
> the media is not used in urpmi and rpmdrake whereas it could be used to
> improve usability a lot. Instead of talking about core-updates,
> core-updates_testing, etc., talk about the root media (“core”, “non-free”,
> “tainted”) and let users choose whether they want to use updates,
> backports, updates_testing,
> backports_testing flavors of this root media." I haven't had the time to
> write a complete spec for that, but if needed I could try to put it higher
> on my TODO list.
> Best regards
> Samuel Verschelde

i agree.

Also, one problem i see is that naming them like the paths, will give strange 
errors if you have more than one repos like that.

One idea could be: have --*media tags also match the local paths:
- cauldron/x86_64/core/release
- ...

also tab completion doesn't work well with all the spaces, definately not if 
you want to specify more repos...

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