[Mageia-dev] New mockups about mageia-app-db

Fabrice Facorat fabrice.facorat at gmail.com
Sun Feb 6 23:23:43 CET 2011

2011/2/6 Marcello Anni <marcello.anni at alice.it>:
>> 2011/2/6 Marcello Anni <marcello.anni at alice.it>:

>> > homepage: http://img209.imageshack.us/i/mageiafindouthomepage.jpg/
>> > browsing page: http://img696.imageshack.us/i/mageiafindoutbrowsingpa.jpg/
>> sorry but who is supposed to use mageia-app-db ? power users ? dev ?
>> casual/normal users ?
> Samuel said that the application must be useful both for newbies and power
> users

ok for power users, but for normal users the Ui is too cluttered

1. left pane : Release Alpha vs Cauldron ? for a normal user, this
means pretty nothing. If the user is looking for an
application/package, then don't talk about release or repositories.
What about using instead rpm categories, and then display theses kind
of information in the package infos

2. right pane : Alpha vs Beta ?

3. center pane : the introduction text is too long IMHO

4. why do we have 2 search fields ?

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