[Mageia-dev] bug, omission or feature

AL13N alien at rmail.be
Sun Jun 3 20:16:24 CEST 2012

Op zondag 3 juni 2012 18:49:04 schreef Johnny A. Solbu:
> I agree with Felix, this is not a good change.
> I'm sure there is a perfectly valid ans sound reason for changig it, but
> there's a difference in changing it for the better and changing it for the
> worse. This is a bad change.

I don't agree, it's not even a change, it's systemd vs sysvinit. if you don't 
like it, you can still switch back to sysvinit, This is the way linux is 
moving forward and i would say: "be a man and at least try it for a bit", 
there are no constants in this world anyway...

For some of you, stuff you've known for ages is worthless now and you go back 
to being a noob (for this sort of thing) and will have to relearn a different 

So be it.

after all, kernel changes to 2.6.X to 3.X, grub will change to grub2 (different 
configuration, like no more 0-based numbers, it'll start from 1 instead..), 
there's now dracut instead of mkinitrd.

truth of the matter is that old stuff inevitably gets historical baggage and 
different is not necessarily bad.

so, bear with it, know that this mga2 release is a bit of a mix between 
sysvinit and systemd, and that next release will be systemd only, and thus can 
cut down on historical baggage which will solve some issues we're having now.

try to relearn all this new stuff first, and see if it's better or worse from a 
standpoint of knowing nothing.

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