[Mageia-dev] bug, omission or feature

Johnny A. Solbu cooker at solbu.net
Sun Jun 3 19:49:04 CEST 2012

On Sunday 03 June 2012 19:09, Felix Miata wrote:
> On 2012/06/03 17:46 (GMT+0100) Colin Guthrie composed:
> >>>  /etc/inittab is no longer used or read.
> > For real men (and women), we just change the
> > /etc/systemd/system/default.target symlink to point at whatever target
> > we want to use by default.
> So instead of changing one character in a file that has been standard for 
> decades, one must figure out the name of the desired target file, then type a 
> lot so as to get the required symlink.

I agree with Felix, this is not a good change.
I'm sure there is a perfectly valid ans sound reason for changig it, but there's a difference in changing it for the better and changing it for the worse.
This is a bad change.

Besides, the best thing about the inittab is that it is self-explanatory even to novices. A symlink is Not obvious.

> Thank God everything that used to make good sense hasn't been replaced by 
> something more complicated. 

Don't give them any ideas. ;-)=

> I've taken to including a digit on every Grub  
> kernel line quite some time ago.

I've done the same for more than 10 years.

Editing a text file to change a number, eg. from "5" to "3", is much easier to remember than changing a symlink to "/lib/systemd/system/runlevel3.target", especially when explaning this to a not so advanced user over the phone, who doesn't have a working X at the moment. (Yes, I actually do have such support calls.)
The support departments are just going to love this. ;-)=

Johnny A. Solbu
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