[Mageia-dev] bug, omission or feature

AL13N alien at rmail.be
Sun Jun 3 21:47:17 CEST 2012

Op zondag 3 juni 2012 20:57:41 schreef Wolfgang Bornath:
> AL13N wrote earlier:
> > For some of you, stuff you've known for ages is worthless now and you go
> > back to being a noob (for this sort of thing) and will have to relearn a
> > different way.
> The change here is new and needs a different way, yes. Nothing against
> that. But the same result has been reached before in a far easier way,
> it's not only a new way, it's a more complicated way. That's the
> point.

I think that it's not more complicated, it's just different, for someone not 
knowing about runlevels changing something from 5 to 3 doesn't make much 
sense, having a symlink point to another file sounds better at least.

i think that if i ever understand how systemd works, i'll be likely a simple 
change that's trivial

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