[Mageia-dev] GNOME plans

Wolfgang Bornath molch.b at googlemail.com
Mon Jun 4 17:51:11 CEST 2012

2012/6/4 Olav Vitters <olav at vitters.nl>:
> On Mon, Jun 04, 2012 at 09:13:53PM +0800, Kira wrote:
>> Well, I think the main point of arguing about this issue is that most
>> people is mostly used to other input method and they don't care about
>> iBus...
>> Still 2 points to be answered especially for Mageia here:
>> 1. In MCC, we can set up the input method in localedrake, and this
>> setting would be system-wide except GNOME about 3.6+. This should be
>> mentioned, because it would destroy the unified user experience.
> As said, I don't code. And unified experience I care for GNOME, that it
> works consistently. I care about freedesktop.org standards. I don't care
> for differences between distributions. E.g. MCC is great, but I prefer
> if it didn't exist. MCC is only Mageia/Mandriva, another distro has
> other things, etc.
> I prefer something in gnome-control-center.

And here we have the main point, the difference between Gnome and
everybody else.

Gnome is a mere desktop environment, nothing more and nothing less. Period.
And it is not the only desktop environment nor the only way a user can
use the desktop. So the gnome-control-center must restrict itself to
settings which concern Gnome,  nothing else. Same as the KDE
control-center should do.

Very simple and easy to understand reason: Not everbody uses Gnome or
KDE. If system settings will be done by Gnome and KDE control-centers,
we'd still need yet another "setting-center" for  people who do not
use Gnome nor KDE. Simple logic that such a diversity makes no sense
at all.

It would only make sense if Gnome was a Linux system of its own. Which
it is clearly not.


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