[Mageia-dev] ANN: x11-server 1.12 landing on cauldron

Thomas Backlund tmb at mageia.org
Thu Jun 7 21:50:21 CEST 2012

Dick Gevers skrev 7.6.2012 21:04:
> On Wed, 06 Jun 2012 19:28:26 +0300, Thomas Backlund wrote about
> [Mageia-dev] ANN: x11-server 1.12 landing on cauldron:
>> For those of you using the proprietary AMD fglrx driver, I will
>> upload fglrx 8.98 (Catalyst 12.6beta) as it's the first one to
>> support the new x11-server.
>> But Amd has dropped support for any hw older than HD5000 in the
>> new driver so you need to switch to the free driver if you have
>> older hw. (there is some rumours of a fglrx-legacy in the works,
>> but I dont know when/if it will show up, or what it will support)
> Thanks. It works for Cauldron quality. But is has a nasty splash:
> 'AMD
> Testing
> use only'
> though transparent - in the lower righthand corner the size of 4 desktop
> icons which goes away only during use of some tabs in catalyst control,
> when the big '2' is on top of everything. Alas.

Thats because it is not signed upstream.

You can try to backup old file:
mv /etc/ati/signature /etc/ati/signature.orig
and copy the /etc/ati/signature from previous package
(I saw it on the net, but I'm not sure it actually will work)
and add it to /etc/ati/signature on your system.

For simplicity I have an extracted signature here:

and reboot.

if it does not work, just rename the backup file back and reboot again


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