[Mageia-dev] net_applet and IPv6

zezinho lists.jjorge at free.fr
Mon Jun 11 11:41:02 CEST 2012

hi, toying with a pure IPv6 connection, I could not resolve DNS without 
installing "rdnssd". Maybe this one could be in the basesystem for MGA3?

I tried to also display IPv6 scope global address in net_applet's tray icon.
It needs an "urpmi perl-Regexp-IPv6", so would bring a new requires in 
Feel free to comment as I do NOT know Perl!

- So I added to lib/network/tools.pm :

use Regexp::IPv6 qw($IPv6_re);

sub get_interface_ip6_address {
     my ($net, $interface) = @_;
     `/sbin/ip addr show dev $interface` =~ 
/^\s*inet6\s+($IPv6_re+).*global\s+dynamic\s*$/m && $1 ||
     'no global address';

- and to /usr/bin/net_applet :

           "\n\n" . N("IPv6 address: %s", 
network::tools::get_interface_ip6_address($net, $interface)) .

just below :

           "\n\n" . N("IP address: %s", 
network::tools::get_interface_ip_address($net, $interface)) .

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