[Mageia-dev] [Mageia-sysadm] Feature:RpmDrakeShowsAdvisories

AL13N alien at rmail.be
Mon Jun 11 23:54:55 CEST 2012

Op maandag 11 juni 2012 23:52:42 schreef nicolas vigier:
> On Sun, 10 Jun 2012, AL13N wrote:
> > see https://wiki.mageia.org/en/Feature:RpmDrakeShowsAdvisories
> > 
> > in essence, it's filling out the descriptions file.
> > Can Sysadmins do this while they are moving the updates? Just until the
> > tool has been written for QA to do this themselves.
> Yes, we need someone to fill out the descriptions file until the tools
> to generate it are ready. Thanks for volunteering !
> We can sync the descriptions file on the mirror from svn automatically.

any idea where the location of the svn file is?

> And you are responsible for browsing validated updates on bugzilla every
> day to manually fill out the descriptions file for each new package. Ok ?

hmm, sounds like alot of work.

is there a way to have QA do this when they validate an update? iirc they need 
to send out an email anyway with the advisory text?

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