[Mageia-dev] bug 2317 revisited: --update option should behave like --search-media

AL13N alien at rmail.be
Thu Jun 21 17:27:05 CEST 2012

> On 21 June 2012 14:28, AL13N <alien at rmail.be> wrote:
>>> Well, AFAIK there is still no stance on backports policy (are we
>>> backporting from cauldron
>>> (n) to n-2 or not - if we do, we break upgradability here!).
>>> Cherry-picking backports is
>>> needed.
>> This is true, but has to be solved anyway, no bearing on this problem.
>> and
>> cherry-picking should not be needed(since it's not supported), so that's
>> a
>> different problem.
> You claim that it's not  supported.
> But cherry picking one backport is usually what people do.
> Denying the reality won't help you make progress...

well, this time we agreed to have supported backports.

it is true that almost all devs are cherry-picking backports, but are real
users going to do that? i doubt it, but we don't have any data about this
in any case.

the reality is that if you want supported backports, there's literally no
way of testing if all combinations of cherrypicking will work or not.
thus, there is no other way solution than to support only having backports
or not.

but even if you're cherry picking backports, it's still not a problem. you
have the knowhow to cherry pick and thus also to select which ones you
want as dependencies for updates.

if everyone is cherry picking backports, there's no use to having
supported backports, and thus we should just have unsupported backports.
it'll make all of this alot easier.

nonetheless, this isn't only about backports, but also for testing and 3rd
party repos or custom repositories.

in the end, the best i can come up with is to trust all enabled
repositories. Since the user obviously trusts them.

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