[Mageia-dev] bug 2317 revisited: --update option should behave like --search-media

zezinho lists.jjorge at free.fr
Thu Jun 21 23:17:50 CEST 2012

Em 21-06-2012 23:01, AL13N escreveu:
> I would implore all of you to look at this above and try to understand.
 > ...
> even my preferred solution on bug 2317 ONLY has more testing requirement for
> the backport packager

Well, don't dream, backport packagers won't do more testing without QA 
bugging them. And tests cannot be done by packagers, because they always 
have a particular system, where bugs may not arise.

I feel we must face the fact our policies are nothing without manpower. 
If #2317 is a major bug, it must be fixed quickly. The fact we didn't 
fix it in more than a year makes me wonder how we drive ourselves : 
maybe QA should strike until it is fixed ;-)

I vote for Mrs.B workaround :

Two people have tested simply enabling Release media as update media and 
not really noticed any drop in performance. I don't know what the 
implications are for memory footprint though. It could be one simple 
solution though perhaps, to enable them as updates by default, if the 
complexity of others if prohibitive.

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