[Mageia-dev] Remove upgrade functionnality in installer

andre999 andre999mga at laposte.net
Mon Jun 25 08:47:38 CEST 2012

Jeff Robins a écrit :
> On Sun, Jun 24, 2012 at 3:36 PM, andre999<andre999mga at laposte.net>  wrote:
>> Note also that with upgrade install, even firmware that is missing from the
>> release (and not only the DVD) remains installed.  So there are cases where
>> an upgrade install necessarily produces a better functioning system.
>> André
> Andre,
> Can you confirm that the nonfree firmware wasn't removed during a DVD
> upgrade?  Upgrading
> using mgaapplet DID seem to remove the firmware from my install.  I
> had major issues with AMD
> graphics, discussed elsewhere.
> --Jeff

Yes, absolutely sure, using rpmdrake for updates after rebooting.  At 
least with the upgrades with mdk/mdv, and from mdv2010.1/2 to mga1.  I 
haven't yet upgraded to mga2, but I expect it to be the same.
I've noticed some issues being discussed about AMD graphics, which I 
suspect aren't related to upgrading, per se.
I have ATI graphics myself and haven't had problems, but with the newer 
ATI-becoming-AMD graphics, I expect that some things have changed.  
Maybe a firmware replacement was installed, but didn't work ?
In any case, I've never encountered a package that was removed in 
upgrade (or update) without being replaced by another.  Sometimes that 
causes problems, as when installing LibreOffice removes OpenOffice, 
because the LibreOffice packages inappropriately specified obsoleting 
OpenOffice, when there was no real conflict.

Note that I used rpmdrake for updates, and not mgaapplet.  That way I 
can easily confirm exactly what is proposed for update, and exactly what 
is installed.  Often when there are a lot of updates proposed (as is 
frequently the case with release upgrades), I do updates in several steps.
Also, I avoid updating minor versions or revisions/subreleases of 
documentation, especially near the end of a release cycle, since there 
are probably no changes (other than the versioning).
As well, sometimes I decide I don't need the package being proposed for 
update, and uninstall it.

Since mgaapplet has problems due to not functioning the same as other 
update tools, that could be the cause of your difficulties.

Hope your problems were resolved.

Regards :)


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