[Mageia-dev] Remove upgrade functionnality in installer

Anne nicolas ennael at mageia.org
Mon Jun 25 09:24:30 CEST 2012

> But using a DVD to upgrade an already installed system is a good way to get
> around the fact that many packages, including nonfree firmware, are missing
> from the DVD.
> If one does a clean install, one has to try to find a lot of missing
> packages, because they are no longer installed.  This impacts considerably
> the usability of the system.  (Considering what the user had installed.)
> All one has to do after the upgrade install, is reboot and do a normal
> upgrade with rpmdrake (selecting "all updates" and "all packages"), and
> almost everything works well.
> (For me upgrade to mga1 worked perfectly.  The last 2 upgrades with mdv had
> some problems, due to other factors.  A clean install has always caused me a
> lot of problems.)
> With a clean install, it can be problematic to find all the missing
> packages, as well as missing firmware.

I'm not saying we remove all upgrade ways as we still have mgaapplet.
We experienced *a lot* of problem during QA tests using DVD to
upgrade.  Really I don'"t understand your point...

> Note that I don't use mgaapplet after an upgrade install, since it doesn't
> give me all the information I want, to help me decide if I should drop some
> packages that were installed.

This is not the role of this tool.

> It may be that using mgaapplet after an upgrade install is the weak link in
> the chain.
> And certainly urpmi is not a convenient tool at this point.  (Although I use
> it a lot at other times.)

So because mgaapplet is buggy for upgrades, we should just let it down
and use DVD ?

> Note also that with upgrade install, even firmware that is missing from the
> release (and not only the DVD) remains installed.  So there are cases where
> an upgrade install necessarily produces a better functioning system.
> So in sum, in my view, removing upgrade install for DVDs would be an
> important regression.
> But maybe we should suggest rebooting and using rpmdrake after such an
> install.

This is non sense... Either the upgrade tool does its job properly or
not... How can we say Mageia is easy when you propose such process?

> Regards :)
> --
> André


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