[Mageia-discuss] Package management system

Mihai Dobrescu msdobrescu at gmail.com
Wed Sep 29 09:33:59 CEST 2010

Lately I've become more and more impatient. But I think it is fast enough to
have RPMDrake refreshing its lists in less than a minute on a Atom based
For me, RPMDrake is enough.
What I disliked in time, using Mandriva only, is that when I install some
app, I got a message saying "if you want this app, you must uninstall these
libs (and their using apps)". I mean, sometimes, I must chose one app or
another, I can't have both because I can't have two versions of the same lib
or I must chose a specific implementation of a concept in a lib (when there
are many implementations of the same thing). This is what I would change,
and it is not related to package management applications. I guess it is the
OS or distro philosophy.

I love revolutions, major changes and drastic re-coding if needed only. Not
when it is just a matter of fashion, like, let's say, I get a new car just
because this year curvy designs come into the light. No matter if the
quality is less sometimes.

So, IMHO, actual packaging is OK, the management of it could be improved

I would love to see, when install mplayer, for instance, a list of plugins
available, to check some I need and to install them. But that's often
related to the architecture of the main application.

Sometimes, having too much choices like in Linux world, is an issue for
choosing the right tool. Why not polish some tools with clear usage targets
together instead of creating again and again things with 60% of
functionalities overlapping, longing for some other 20% of functionalities
to implement in one tool from the other tool?
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