[Mageia-discuss] we need a NEW mageia-artwork MAILING LIST!!

Dubeau, Patrick Patrick.Dubeau at ccq.org
Wed Sep 29 15:25:06 CEST 2010

> And once everything is cleared, if there is some logos left, then we
> could proceed to a poll.
> But I think that a poll will open a lot of questions : who can express
> their opinion, what guarantees will we have it to not be hijacked ( as
> could doodle be ), how do we ensure a representative choice ?
> Ie, if we ask on people on this list, are we sure to have a logo that
> would please everyone else ? Do we want to ?
> --
> Michael Scherer

Is a poll really suitable in this case? I have the same feeling as you misc,
I am not sure that the result will fit the perception/look and the image we
want for this new distribution. 

I think there should be a closed group of people deciding wich is the right
logo for Mageia. The choice should be done by the Board members since tey
will be elected and thus represent the whole community.

My 2 cents on that.

Patrick Dubeau (alias DaaX) - Webmaster MLO

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