[Mageia-discuss] we need a NEW mageia-artwork MAILING LIST!!

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Wed Sep 29 14:42:38 CEST 2010

Le mercredi 29 septembre 2010 à 11:13 +0200, Marcello Anni a écrit :
>  i 
> think also that we should make a poll to choose the logo and the pay-off.

Oh, and I forgot, before doing a poll, I think we need to select logo
according to some criterias :

- suitability in black and white ( for printed papers ), in grey shade
( again, printing related ) 

- be sure there isn't too much color ( expensive for tshirt and so on )

- have it in svg, for obvious reasons

- have the creator ready to grant rights it to the foundation under a
free license 

- see how trademark issue will be handled, this not decided yet, and
that's quite a sensitive topic, as you need to be permissive and
protective in the same time.

- be sure the logo is not too similar to another one ( we really want to
avoid the issue of Mandrakesoft ), but on the other hand, do not be too
paranoid about it ( ie, most objects have been likely used at one time
or another in some fields )

- be original ( ie, while I have nothing against pingouin, I think that
this doesn't help to be different )

- be sure the logo scale correctly at small level ie the size of a
favicon ( 32*32 )

- be sure that it is colorblind friendly ( if possible, as we tend to
forget people who suffer from this )

- be sure it goes well with the manifesto ( that is not finished to be
redacted as this is a important document )

- must be readable at various scale, if there is text

- use a free font if there is text ( a free to use font at least, but I
think we really should favor free font )

- be sure the logo will not be too obviously embarrassing later ( like
http://forums.macgeneration.com/la-terrasse/tgv-escargot-117336.html the
upper one being the logo for french fast rails, the 2nd one looking like
a snail if we turn it on 180° ), but that one can be quite hard to find.

And I am sure that experienced designers may add some others
requirements to this. There is a page about this

And once everything is cleared, if there is some logos left, then we
could proceed to a poll. 

But I think that a poll will open a lot of questions : who can express
their opinion, what guarantees will we have it to not be hijacked ( as
could doodle be ), how do we ensure a representative choice ?
Ie, if we ask on people on this list, are we sure to have a logo that
would please everyone else ? Do we want to ?

Michael Scherer

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