[Mageia-discuss] we need a NEW mageia-artwork MAILING LIST!!

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Wed Sep 29 16:42:46 CEST 2010

Le mercredi 29 septembre 2010 à 15:12 +0200, Thorsten van Lil a écrit :
> >Le mercredi 29 septembre 2010 à 11:13 +0200, Marcello Anni a écrit :
> >> hi all,
> >> i'm sorry for the subject of this e-mail but i would like it won't be ignored. 
> >> i think we need soon an artwork-related mailing list 
> > As I said in the past, we do not want to create a mailling list for
> > every possible group on the wiki :
> For sure but I think a list for design, marketing, official communication and maybe web developer couldn't be wrong.
> I mean one list for those groups. Because they have to work close together and there is (or will be) an extra marketing team around Graham (afaik).

Yup, I would agree, as I said in the past.

But your example of web team is one example of the issue we have :

We can say "web team goes with design/comm" or "web team goes with
sysadmin", depending on the duty of web team.

Ie web team itself is not well defined. Does this mean people who take
care of web application, in this case which one ? Does it mean their are
in charge of website design, in which case this is partially the duty of
design ?
Who is in charge of upgrade and security of the server, the sysadmin ?
And this has implication in access we need to give.

The same goes for marketing vs communication vs design. While there is
clear area for them, there is lots of similarity ( except that I am
quite a novice in such domain, so I cannot give example ).

So a simple thing like "how do we name the team", and "how do we ensure
that people in a team are correctly represented" can be tricky. 

We need to discuss this, but it is more urgent for the moment to setup
the infrastructure. Maybe we could have started by this and then
announce the project, but this would not have been open enough nor
viable, since we received hosting proposal mainly because it was
announced and open.

Michael Scherer

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