[Mageia-discuss] Pictures missing in GDM

Alejandro López listas.apl at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 08:47:23 CET 2012


My silly problem started *about* the same day I switched from Mandriva to
Mageiga. I cannot actually tell whether it was the same day, or if it
started a few days before or a few days after.

The problem is that when I'm presented the login screen right after booting
with all the users (I have 5), their pictures are not shown, although they
used to be. If I log-in and -out, then their pictures are shown.

Seems like the photos were available too late in the boot process, but I
cannot imagine what could produce something like that. If I remember well,
those photos are stored in the home directory. I have a separate partition
(on the boot disk) for /home. Is it possible that when GDM is launched,
/home is not yet mounted? I think I checked that and it wasn't the case,
but I not completely sure.

I tried to deactivate fastboot, but I only found something called
speedboot. Is it the same thing? Anyway, de-activating it changed nothing.

Any ideas about what could be producing this (and specially about how to
solve it)?

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