[Mageia-discuss] rkhunter errors

imnotpc imnotpc at Rock3d.net
Thu Mar 1 19:52:55 CET 2012

On 03/01/2012 01:43 PM, Remco Rijnders wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 01, 2012 at 09:49:39AM -0500, imnotpc wrote in 
> <4F4F8C83.4090400 at Rock3d.net>:
>> I've done a clean net install of Beta 1 and I'm getting lots of 
>> rkhunter errors. Most of them are resolved if I run --propupd on the 
>> file's package, but 3 of them persist:
>> Permissions for /bin/rpm - The x flag is missing for 'all'. This 
>> permission is different from mga1. Is this changed by the 'secure' 
>> security setting?
>> Group for /usr/bin/w and /usr/bin/who. These 2 have group 'ntools' 
>> which is different from mga1.
>> So I have 2 questions:
>> The problems resolved by propupd are probably due to an out of date 
>> rkhunter database. Should I report this as a bug or just wait for the 
>> databases to be updated?
>> And second, does anyone know which package is at fault with the other 
>> errors? Are the files correct and rkhunter wrong, or do the files 
>> have incorrect permissions and what package is responsible for 
>> setting these permissions incorrectly?
>> Jeff
> Hi Jeff,
> Thanks for the detailed report. I'll look into this and will hopefully 
> have this fixed before beta 2! (If not, chase me personally :-)
> Thanks,
> Remmy

Ok, cool. I'll wait for Beta 2 and let you know if there are still any 

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