[Mageia-discuss] Probable video buffer issue

Jim Whitby jim at whitby-jr.org
Thu Mar 1 20:26:25 CET 2012

I say that because it seems the most reasonable thing:

Here is the issue:

HDTV tuner card running either kaffeine or mytv.

Non hd is fine. Hd has stops and starts, audio drop outs.
IF I record the live show, it plays back just fine.
The drop outs are there ( on screen ) while its being recorded.
There may or may not be different buffers for live vs record.

I suspect a buffer issue, but can't find any info about where the 
value(s) might be configured.
The system is not busy, cpu usage is about 10%.

I might be way off base too.

For reference, the cards I've tried are a PCHTV ( 5 years old ) and a 
wintv 1800.
System is  Mageia 1, 4G ram, nvidia 250 video card and a 4 core AMD 64 
bit cpu.

Just to verify things... It works fine on win7, same hardware, so I'm 
sure it isn't hardware.
Signal is Verizon Fios, so not a lack of signal.

As usual I'll be happy to supply any info I might have left out.

Any pointers are most welcome.


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