[Mageia-discuss] mageiapeople.org - Request for inputs

Josh King (dotmil) josh at linuxpunks.com
Thu Mar 29 03:36:41 CEST 2012

> I followed the discussion on the marketing ML but there is still a
> point that I miss: Where is it stated that the official planet[1] is
> designed for official team members and developers of Mageia? They are
> indeed among the few blogs on this planet, but is it a
> political/marketing decision or is it just a matter of fact because
> this planet was not enough promoted and users didn't bother to
> register their blogs on it?

Especially since there's no link to add your blog. If the council 
members decide to open it up to all users, that sounds great to me.

> For the record, the official planet was created in February 2011[2]
> and was expected to be run by the marketing team. According to the
> blog post for its launch, it is open to everyone from the Mageia
> community, since we could apply with a simple comment on the blog
> post.

marcom seems a little vague on this, we're working on it to regain 
access to it.

> So, the real question is: Should we develop an end-user only planet
> alongside the official planet, the latter being left unpopulated and
> unnoticed, or should we think about redesigning the official planet,
> promoting it and having new users registered to it?

I agree one is preferable, but I also think it should include all 
community members. If our selling point is we're all Mageia, then anyone 
who agrees to the code of conduct should be welcome. But that’s just my 
humble opinion.

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