[Mageia-i18n] Translating the name of the distribution Mageja

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when using the product named Mageia, in Czech there is practice to use the flection, when using case, right next to/with the official name.

So the cases are:
1. Mageia
2. Mageii
3. Mageie
4. Mageiu
5. Mageio
6. Mageie
7. Mageiou

The root of the word is the same, the endings according to the case - forced with syntax of the sentence.

There is another question. At the beginning I read the question concerning the thing with pronunciation. If I remember it correct, the pronunciation "M-aa-he-i-a" was recommended.

It would be strange say it outside the text environment this way, so M-A-G-I-A - the way the Czech speaker is pronouncing each letter, is used. And I thing, it is little differen than tha sound we could expect from German native speaker, or French etc. speaker.

Also the second possibility is to use the offered official pronunciation, little adjusted, and we have "M-Á-J-A" - and it sounds the same way as that well known bee Mája, as pronounced in the famous series of hers stories.

Greetings, Pavel

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2012/11/13 Michael Moroni <michael.moroni at mailoo.org>:
> In Esperanto it is possible to "translate" the English name: Sometimes
> Facebook is translated into "Vizaĵlibro" (lit. "Facebook"), "Twitter" into
> "Tvitero".
> Sometimes "Firefox" was translated into "Fajrovulpo" or "Fajrfokso" before
> someone from Mozilla told me that it violates some terms (the product names
> must not be changed).
> So, the question is: It is possible to translate "Mageia" into "Magejo"?

That's good question. :)

The name really is Mageia, and as a project and a product name, it's
not translatable. Or at least, it should not be altered for official
denomination of the project/product.

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