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In esperanto all sustantives end with o, all adjectives with a, all adverbs
with e and the direct object ends with n. The word Mageia ends with a, like
an adjective. If you want to say "I use mageia" the word mageia should end
with -on (substantive and direct object). If you use the original word it
seems an adjective and it does not end with the N of the direct object. For
that reason in esperanto is very common to convert the original names:
linux to linukso, unix to unikso, windows to vindozo, etc.

I just wanted to explain why I chose the name "magejo" for the esperanto
translation. Michael is correcting the translations, so, he can change the
name of the distribution to the original word.


2012/11/14 Romain d'Alverny <rdalverny at gmail.com>

> 2012/11/13 Michael Moroni <michael.moroni at mailoo.org>:
> > On 13/11/2012 20:41, Pavel Fric wrote:
> >
> > There is another question. At the beginning I read the question
> concerning
> > the thing with pronunciation. If I remember it correct, the pronunciation
> > "M-aa-he-i-a" was recommended.
> >
> > In Esperanto ALL substantives end with -o. It's a rule of the Esperanto
> > grammar.
> > So we adapted "Mageia", which in Esperanto would be pronounced as
> /mage'ia/,
> > to Esperanto pronouncation and rules: Magejo would be pronounced as
> > /ma'gejo/
> > Please tell me whether I must change to Mageia!
> Ok, so it appears I don't know enough here. I expected to see the
> name/brand unaltered in every language (but for pronunciation). Now,
> if that's common in your language to do so with any brand name (say,
> Coca-Cola, Mozilla, Firefox, IBM, etc.), I don't see why it would be
> different here for Mageia.


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