[Mageia-marketing] Meeting this week, Thursday

Patricia Fraser trish at thefrasers.org
Mon Jun 6 23:28:30 CEST 2011

Hi all,

It's time to start having marcomm meetings again (at #mageia-marcomm
on Freenode, in case you're not sure), now that Mageia 1 is out -
I'm going to suggest 18:30 UTC on Thursday; if that time's bad for
anyone, speak up!

People from Artwork and Web-Team, please do join in if you can; if
the proposed time doesn't suit, please let us know what would. 

For this meeting we need to do some catching up and some planning, so
here are the topics:

#1 - recap what we did/didn't achieve in the 9 months to release;
what went well and what didn't;
	- some of the Vision/Mission remains to be done; now that
	  we've got a better feel for our community, maybe we can
	  look at these things again;
	- things like Colour Palette, style, visual branding remain
	  to be done - we need input and teamwork with Artwork and
	  Web Team for those.
#2 - do some good brainstorming on what we need to do now, and start
laying down some plans.

Please start by putting some responses in to this thread on the
marcomm list, so we can bring lots of topics to the IRC meeting. Once
we've got something like a to-do list, we can put it up on the wiki
and get cracking.

See you there!

Trish Fraser, JD9R RQ2D
ma jun  6 23:19:05 CEST 2011
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andromeda up 5 hour(s), 15 min.
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