[Mageia-marketing] IRC meeting reminder?

Rupert Horstkötter rhorstkoetter at opensuse.org
Thu Jun 7 02:59:40 CEST 2012


I just asked on IRC but most likely it's already too late :p I'd like
to ask if we may get a reminder to the marcom ml for upcoming marcom
IRC meetings - let's say a day or some hours ahead in time? In fact
and just as an example, I myself planned to join the meeting the whole
week and missed it by accident today (yesterday to be very precise) at
19:00 UTC. Maybe we could setup a cronjob to do just that? I guess it
would be beneficial to the whole team. What do you think about it?

Rupert Horstkötter
Email: rhorstkoetter at opensuse.org
IRC: rhorstkoetter on irc.freenode.net
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/rhorstkoetter

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