[Mageia-marketing] marcom + artwork + web => atelier ?

Marcello marcello.anni at alice.it
Mon Jun 18 16:29:58 CEST 2012

Il 18/06/2012 15:49, Romain d'Alverny ha scritto:
> On Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 2:46 PM, Marcello<marcello.anni at alice.it>  wrote:
>> ok for this, but for marketing team what is needed is not a new ml, but real
>> marketing objectives and people dedicated to them. what should do a
>> marketing team is not (at least, only) writing blog post announces and
>> things like that, but planning:
>> - marketing-plan
>> - balanced scorecard
> Among other things yes. Just propose and see if it can build from there.

ok, i will start a thread there asking to devs if there is someone who 
wants to follow marketing team plans... here is there anyone who is able 
to contribute regarding this?
>> in plus, we need people from dev and artwork that follow our suggestions and
>> our plans (naturally, the plans should be agreed also by them). i can help
>> in these areas of long-term view, i cannot follow tasks that should be done
>> in a day.
> But that's a problem. If you can't lead, follow or make things here,
> you're out of phase.

i don't want lead, i would simply contributing in what a marketing team 
is expected to do.
>> Bugzilla 4 is a perfect example of what should do a marketing team (atelier,
>> if you prefer) for real. Bugzilla would help qa team work, would improve the
>> overall quality of the distro and would allow to manage bugs that affect
>> different versions, but instead of porting it, we're at mageia 3 specs...
>> useless
> Useless to you, from your point of view. Not useless to everyone.

not useless in the short-term, useless in a long-term horizont. if you 
don't have a long sight, you resolve small issues as they verify, 
missing the real things that should be done to assure the success in the 
long period. bugzilla is one of this: now everyone is involved in 
proposing new feauture that will improve the distro, but there is a 
single tool that influence many aspects that isn't taken in consideration

> Unless you can't embrace the whole thing, you can't even start
> thinking about a marketing plan.
> _______________________________________

ehm... what do you mean with this prashe?


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